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 For over a century, ExxonMobil has been an innovator in lubrication technology and has manufactured breakthrough lubricants and greases for industrial machinery, with in-depth industry expertise, programs and tools to help bring customers to new heights of equipment productivity.

 This commitment to innovation has led to Mobil SHC, ExxonMobil’s premier line of scientifically engineered synthetic performance oils.

 There are Mobil SHC industrial oils including gear oils for conventional gear boxes and wind turbines, compressor oils, oils for food machinery, greases and circulation oils.

 Shubra AL Kheima offers a wide range of Mobil Industrial Lubricants for sale that include both synthetic and mineral oil based technology with the aim of increasing customer productivity.

 Please check the ExxonMobil Product Data Sheet for more details.

  • Mobil DTE hydraulic oils
  • Mobil industrial gear oils, both synthetic and mineral
  • Mobil turbine and circulation oils
  • Mobil refrigeration oils
  • Mobil oils and greases for the food industry
  • Mobil Pegasus gas engine oils
  • Mobil Rarus compressor oils
  • Mobil slideway and spindle oils
  • Mobil metal working fluids
  • Mobil synthetic and mineral greases

 Shubra AL Kheima also offers a number of related services to our industrial customers.

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